Monday, 8 July 2013

The three little hobbits (the twist of the three little pigs).

Three Little hobbits-Three Little Pigs
Hobbit Foi- Fat/Cocky-Bad-Hut made out of steak.
Hobbit Fa- Mental-Bad-Wooden Hut.
Hobbit Tee- Humble-Good-Girly Hut.
Old Man with Asthma-Good - He’s going to try & blow Tee’s hut using his inhaler.   
Once upon a time, there lived Three Little Hobbits. Their names were Fa and Tee and they had a older brother called Foi living in an asylum. Fa and Tee lived with their mum in an old cottage in the forest. One day the two little hobbits mum decided that they were now too old to live with her. So they decided to go their separate ways and build their own houses.

The oldest hobbit (Fa) went to Pak n Save and bought a ton of steak and then headed into the maybury bush. He started to build his house out of meat. He thought that he might be able to attract animals to his house so that he could trap them for food.

Meanwhile the oldest hobbit (Foi) was running from an asylum to cut down trees to make his hut out of wood. Half way through the job he was about to place a piece of bark onto his roof & accidently slid the bark across his hand and got a really deep splinter & had a mental breakdown. Since Foi is in deep depression he stops building his house and leaves from the forest.

When Tee gets into the forest to find wood to make a fire, Tee comes across Foi’s house. Tee saw that Foi’s house is unfinished and feels bad, he then continues to finish building Foi’s house. When he finishes building the house he decides to stay there.

As Tee wakes up from a deep sleep he heard foot steps walking through the forest when he suddenly comes across an old man with asthma. He is so jealous that the house is beautiful that he decides to blow it down. The old man tries his best to blow the house down but fails because he has asthma, so he uses his inhaler. The old man blows the house down and leaves the scene in fear of getting caught. He then goes back to the retirement village and on the way loses his breath, he reaches for his inhaler and presses the pump button. The pump button releases no air which means that the asthma pump is now finished, he used all the air in the inhaler when he blew down the house. “Ahhh cough cough cough help help helpppp” yells the old man, he then falls to the ground and shakes and eventually dies.

Monday, 1 July 2013

My spoken word

Today a teacher (Joshua Iosefo) came in told us about spoken word . He first drew a scribble on the whiteboard and said come up with something to tell the world about the picture I came up with this.

A homeless dog with one missing leg trying to get out of a cage #Animal cruelty.

"What has the world come to now house pets turned into rugs just so we can make ourselves and our houses look good. But what do the dogs feel what if you were an innocent dog or pet what would you do nothing then why would you hurt or injure a pet just so you can get an necessity that is not worth it so just ask yourself would you rather have a mat or coat or a beautiful creature of this earth that brings joy not a lifeless rag".

some other people shared their writing to the class and some of them were pretty inspiring