Tuesday, 10 September 2013

our new guinea pigs

As I got home from school my mum said to me that we were getting guinea pigs was so happy I couldn't believe it . It came around to Saturday and it was time to pick up the guinea pigs. When I first laid my eyes on the guinea pigs they were so cute and cuddly.

When we got them we also got two free hutches a Bottle two combs and brushes and little leashes to give them walks around the yard. they are so cool to play with and are good pets to have so I recommend you get some.                               and this is Cauliflower

This is Milo

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  1. Kia ora Anthony

    My goodness... Guinea Pigs. I remember looking after guinea pigs when I was probably a bit younger than you. We didn't have leashes for them though, that would have been fun walking them around on the lawn.

    I do remember my job of making sure they always had water and moving them around the lawn every morning.

    I wonder if you can teach guinea pigs tricks? Who named them?

    See you next week
    Ms T x


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