Friday, 23 August 2013

Pt England Fun Run / Mud Run

On the 22 of August Pt England School had a Fun Run. Our school Fun Run was supported by Adidas. And we had to get sponsored by our Whanau (Family) in order to get some cool prizes even if you raise over $10.00.

It started with the 5 year old boys then the 5 year old girls it went in that patten all the way up to the Yr 8 boys. When it was time for the Yr 7 boys (thats me) the Tension was high.

When the siren went I ran for my life. I started to fall back but that wasn't stoping me I was like a machine I was jumping puddles like thunder hurdling through mud like an alligator.

It was the last stand me and the mud filled track just as I was to the finish line my friend was sliding in puddles I quickly ran to the puddle he was sliding in and I didn't care about winning I just wanted to slide.


(My Friend)



  1. Hi Anthony,

    I LOVE your story about the fun run. You explained it very well. But maybe next time you could include a bit more how you felt about after the run

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Good Job on writing your Cross Country Reflection. I really like how you exaggerated some parts of your writing. Sliding in the mud sounds really really fun! I was going to do that but I didn't. But now I'm wishing I did. Maybe next you could use more interesting vocab. Keep up the good work!


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