Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pt England School Drumming group

For the last five weeks or so Pt England school has been holding a drumming group where we learn to drum.

when the  drumming tutor came in I was so surprised that the tutor was my dad. When my dad came in one week he brought a bucket full of all drum sticks for us to take home and practice the drills he had taught us earlier. 

When the next three weeks had gone and we learnt our drills of by heart the teachers had decided that it was time for a performance on the next Pt England Friday assembly.

When the time came around and we went on stage it was nerve racking but fun at the same time. As the performance had finished Everyone in the audience was clapping and cheering and I was so proud of what I did.




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  1. The start of good things comes with practice and perserverence, I'm pleased you had a good time and I enjoyed it - Next time we'll do something even more awesome - your Drum Tutor


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