Monday, 25 March 2013

Flax picking

When we had finished PE on Friday morning Ms Tito said she would  take Room 19  down to Amaru creek to pick flax and weave a flower.

 photo IMG_0161_zps02274bdb.jpg As we started to walk to the creek I could already see some flax bush ready to pick. When the tarpoulins was placed Ms Tito went over a couple of things with us like, always respect flax never pick flax at night,never pick flax in the rain and don't hit each other with flax

The next thing we learned was how to cut this precious Taonga    properly. When Ms Tito showed us a demonstration of how to cut it she said when your cutting a piece of flax always pick the one the most far away from  the one in the middle and you should 
 photo IMG_0155_zps21e315ad.jpgcut on a slope half way from the bottom. 

When we had got our piece of  flax we took the red strips on the side of the flax off and then split the middle in half so there were two bits. 
 photo IMG_0162_zps0e16c035.jpg


When we walking I could see the flax bushes waving to me. Back to school we went to the street and Ms Tito tout us how to weave a flower ,but it was so hard. 

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