Friday, 18 October 2013

Life as a 12 year old boy in Auckland and Syria

As I woke up from my comfortable bed the aroma of warm bacon filled the room. I slowly lifted my body out of my bed and lightly strolled down the hallway to the kitchen where my mum had made fresh crispy bacon and a warm chocolate Milo. “Ahhhh… this is the life” I said to myself.

I had just woken up to the sound of piercing screams and gunshots. I looked outside and gloom filled the air, blood was spread everywhere, bombs were going off every minute and everything was grim. I thought to myself... “would I live another day?”.

I had arrived at school and I was excited to learn and have fun. We started the day with the roll then we went to our literacy groups. As eating time came the cafeteria was giving out free food “It was really nice and filling”. The end of school had come around and I was exhausted.

When I came back inside my Mum was weeping in the corner holding my 2 year old brother in her lap and I asked her “what's the matter Mum?” She said “your brothers really sick and is in pain”. I felt sad and I said “I will fix this’’ so I want to my job. I worked at the mines and I only get $.0.50c an hour so I would have to work double.

I came home and afternoon tea was waiting for me on the table it was chocolate milk and cookies “YUM”. When I finished I went to the lounge to play my Ps4 I played games till the sun went down and the stars come out It was the best day ever.

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  1. Kia ora Ants

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I wondered what sort of things did you think about when you were writing from different perspectives. Did you find it hard trying to put yourself in '12 year old boy from Syria' shoes?

    When I read things like this it really makes me feel grateful for the life most of us have here in New Zealand.

    Fantastic, interesting writing.

    Ms T


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