Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Magic club Narrative

It all started when Mr Boggins (an old wizard) finds out that he will pass on in the next full moon so he decides he will open a magic school so he can pass on his magic.

Its a few days into this magic school and Mr Boggins has already got 2 students.
Emma (a girl who is new to magic) and Mike (a young sorcerer). It was half way through the lesson and they already mastered 6 new spells.

But as they were going through the next spell which is a spell that can make animals at will. Mike had just made a bird but Emma couldn't do the spell she tried and tried and on her last go she made a big mistake she cast a 10 foot evil man eating crocodile.

When Mr Boggins saw this he ran out the door never to return again and it was only up to Emma & Mike to slay the beast. Mike cast a sleep spell on the croc but it didn't work and swallowed Emma whole not even bothered to chomp.

Mike tried everything he learnt on the beast but couldn't hurt it.
Just then a burst of light screeched out of the croc. And out of the side of its belly was a big cut and out came Emma. After what happened with the croc Emma & Mike became wizards and lived happily ever after.

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