Friday, 24 May 2013

The cook off

It was a glorious day at the room 19 cooking competition grand finals and the winner will win $1000,000. Anthony was cooking a Thai green curry and he so nervous. All of his effort in this competition comes down to this dish. One mistake could crush his dream and send him home.

As he got his ingredients the tension was so high and he could barely walk back to his station but when the judges said those four words (Your time starts now) he then really got his head in the game.

when he was chopping his vegetables he had forgot to get salt and salt is the key ingredient he tried to ask people around him for salt but no one had any they were all cooking desserts.

When Anthony heard the judges say 10 minutes he quickly put the last spices and vegetables in pot and sweated with nervousness. “times up step away from your station” said Miss Tito (the judge).

When Anthony was called to the judges to taste his saltless curry they looked at him with a smile and said “That was the best Thai green curry I have ever tasted”. Anthony look so surprised and was proud of what he did.

When the judges called everybody forward he felt he could win this. Miss Tito opened the envelop and said the person who I call will win the $1000,000. And the winner is...
ANTHONY!. as he went home that night he felt over the moon and rich.   

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My nutrition presentation

In room 19 our inquiry is nutrients and we each have our own 2 cards wich have different key nutrition's.

the to things I had were Hormones and sucrose here are my presentations I did.


the fun run

at school the intermediate block are doing a 5 kilometre fun run at the end of the tearm and we get our family to sponsor us. for the year 8 camp and year 7 fun day.

before we can do it we have to train hard. our training is running around the Pt England reserve and try to beat our times from the last time we do it

the last time we did it I got 5 minites and 54 seconds. I thought I ran a really good run but my goal is to try and get 4 minites.   


Thursday, 16 May 2013

were i'm up to in Xtra math

In my class at Pt England we each have an account for a programme we do in math called Xtra Math.

When we started Xrta math it showed us easy addition  math equations and we get 3 seconds to answer them and if we get all of them correct we move on to subtraction then timetables then division. When we complete three seconds we move on to 2 seconds with medium equations.

When go past that we will move on to 1.5 seconds with hard equations. I think Xtra Math is a great learning tool because it can stretch your brain so you get to know more math in the future. 

The surprise celebrity

On the seventh of May 2013 our principal told us that someone special was coming to Pt England to give us a cheek of 100,000 dollars.

He said it was man and was from the black eyed peas you probably know who was it was WILL.I.AM.

As he came in we were so surprised we couldn't believe our eyes.the first thing he talked about was when he was a boy growing up in the projects in East L.A it was really hard because it was a very poor part and he had to look after his mum.

He wanted to give our school 100,000 dollars to go towards new Ipads and equipment for mathematics,science and engineering.

It was so awesome that a super star came to our school just to see the way we learn and blog I will always remember that day.  

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Anthony Reading Reflection Log 2013

“This book is about a family of eight mum,dad and six kids (the main kids are Chris and Julie.
Chris- an eight year old boy who wants to keep two cows (Rose bud and Petal) because Mr Jinks is selling his farm and if no one wants them he will have to kill them and and said he could have them. But dad said no and he doesn't want them. but then Julie finds out Rose bud is pregnant. So when everyone is asleep Chris sneaks out of the house with the cows to find a new home for them. Julie wakes up and finds Chris and go on this wild adventure.

“When I read the part about when Chris ran off with the cows  it made me wonder what happens next

“I think the author is a good writer because
he makes me feel like I’m in the book.

I am really enjoying this book I love it

TITLE: The Cabbage Patch Pong.    
AUTHOR: Paul Jennings
Pages 1-31
Date: wednesday 8th May 2013.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What my frenids say about me

At the end of term one our class played an activity. The game was played with everyone in the class stuck sheets of paper on there backs and go around write positive things about them.

One of the things that someone wrote about me is that I made them smile.  I think they might have said that because I'm always making people laugh in class.

Another  thing that someone wrote is that I was good at playing the drums. they might of said that because I played for the school in a production.

the last thing that someone wrote about me that I liked is that I was a smart person. they might of said that because I am in the top of my class in reading. and that I know lot of things.

I thought that is was awesome that people wrote all these things about me because it made me feel great inside.