Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The day of the devil (narrative)

It was Thursday the 12th and 6 year old Jacob and his mum Lucy had moved into a new house. But little that they knew the house they had just moved into was possessed with demonic forces.

They had just got settled in and were fast asleep. Just then a spine chilling  breeze filled the air and Jacob woke up with a fright and couldn't get back to sleep. Suddenly a gust of blood curdling wind whipped the blankets of Jacob and a loud high pitch sound screamed in his face.

It’s Friday the 13th and Jacob had told his mum what happened to him last night but she told him it must of been a dream Jacob refused and said it really happened to him but still his mum didn't believe him.

Later that night Jacob had a plan to record the whole night on an old super 8 camera and prove to his mum that it was real. So in the corner of his room he had a video camera taping every second of the night.

As Jacob was lying there in his bed the door then blood started to drip down from the ceiling with grim. Jacob started to panic then whoosh Jacob was gone in a flash. And from that day Jacob and the tape were never to be seen again.

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