Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Anthony Reading Reflection Log 2013

“This book is about a family of eight mum,dad and six kids (the main kids are Chris and Julie.
Chris- an eight year old boy who wants to keep two cows (Rose bud and Petal) because Mr Jinks is selling his farm and if no one wants them he will have to kill them and and said he could have them. But dad said no and he doesn't want them. but then Julie finds out Rose bud is pregnant. So when everyone is asleep Chris sneaks out of the house with the cows to find a new home for them. Julie wakes up and finds Chris and go on this wild adventure.

“When I read the part about when Chris ran off with the cows  it made me wonder what happens next

“I think the author is a good writer because
he makes me feel like I’m in the book.

I am really enjoying this book I love it

TITLE: The Cabbage Patch Pong.    
AUTHOR: Paul Jennings
Pages 1-31
Date: wednesday 8th May 2013.

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