Friday, 21 June 2013

Raihan,Anthony and Howard Prospective Student Narrative

There he was climbing a triturus mountain to get to the mystical dojo of doom. Chuckie Chan was determined to find his inner chi and get his medal of achievements in kung fu at this prestigious school of martial arts.

When he reached the dojo of doom he rang the doorbell a sensei came out and pointed to the right hand side of him. Chuckie Chan was confused with what the sensei did and started to meditate all day and night to show the sensei that he was eager to get into this school.

The next day the door opened and Chuckie Chan awakened but the sensei still pointed to the right hand side. Chuckie Chan got furious at the sensei and threatened to use kung fu punches and kicks at him but then the sensei pointed again.

Chuckie Chan looked on the side of the dojo wall and a sign hung on a nail and said PLEASE USE THE SIDE DOOR TO GET IN!! Chuckie Chan got embarrassed and walked to the side door relieved.

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