Monday, 1 July 2013

My spoken word

Today a teacher (Joshua Iosefo) came in told us about spoken word . He first drew a scribble on the whiteboard and said come up with something to tell the world about the picture I came up with this.

A homeless dog with one missing leg trying to get out of a cage #Animal cruelty.

"What has the world come to now house pets turned into rugs just so we can make ourselves and our houses look good. But what do the dogs feel what if you were an innocent dog or pet what would you do nothing then why would you hurt or injure a pet just so you can get an necessity that is not worth it so just ask yourself would you rather have a mat or coat or a beautiful creature of this earth that brings joy not a lifeless rag".

some other people shared their writing to the class and some of them were pretty inspiring

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